Eomma (Mother) performance
Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance
Eomma (Mother) performance at Soho20 gallery, New York

“Eomma” is the phonetic pronunciation of the Korean word 엄마, or mother in English.
Through the performance “Eomma”, I hope to raise questions about family relationships, distance and separation, and the bonds that connect us to people we care about.
The performance starts with me bringing a care package sent by my mother from Korea to Soho 20 gallery in Brooklyn.
Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance

Part I
On the gallery floor I unpack the care package and present the sent objects: lucky charms, a Buddhist scripture hand written by mother, four different sizes of dried Korean anchovies, women’s bodysuit, aprons, rubber gloves, sunglasses, a hand mirror, a dress, Korean ginseng extract, a handbag, socks, and mother’s shoes.
I present these items one by one and perform intuitively with the objects. I observe, hold, touch, smell, read, arrange and wear. As I try on the items I gradually transform into a figure that combines my mother and myself. We coexist.
Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance

Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance

Part II
Pre-recorded sound of my mother’s footsteps which my mother recorded with her footsteps followed by her daily routine: walking trails, going to a market, going out and coming back home. Sound plays from speakers. Wearing my mother’s shoes sent to me in a care package I walk around gallery and attempt to intuitively match my mother’s footsteps.
Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance

Part III
The sound of my mother’s footsteps stops and I take off her shoes and sit on the floor. Pre- recorded sound of my mother’s Korean speaking about her difficulties of using Skype and comments on me comes out of speakers. As she speaks, I simultaneously translate Korean into English and deliver them to the audience.
“ I can’t hear you.” “ Do you hear me?” “ I can’t see you.” “ You are loosing hairs.” “ You are getting uglier.” “ You are getting old.”
Kyoung eun Kang Eomma (Mother) performance

Part IV
Pre-recorded sound of my parent’s conversations in Korean comes out of speakers and I translate into English for the audience.
My parents discuss about “Moon River” song.
“Moon River is an international song.” “Yes it is.” “I am going out.” “Record well.”
Then we hear my father play “Moon River” on his saxophone. I sing “ Moon River” for the audience.
The sound of my mother’s footsteps appears again at the end of music.
I change into my own shoes and then follow her footsteps.
The end of the performance.
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